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How Can Desensitizing Toothpastes Help with Tooth Discomfort?

March 7, 2021

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woman using desensitizing toothpaste

Have you noticed that when you eat or drink hot or cold items, you may sometimes experience a sharp sensation? These bouts of tooth sensitivity can leave you hesitant to consume some of your favorite foods and beverages. You may also be left uncertain about the cause of the discomfort. Continue reading to learn about some of the possible contributors, how using a desensitizing toothpaste can help and the value of visiting a dentist for a checkup.


4 Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry That You Shouldn’t Believe

February 17, 2021

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Woman after cosmetic dentistry

Are you thinking about investing in cosmetic dentistry to feel more confident about your smile? One of the great things about living in today’s world is the fact that you don’t need to settle for any imperfections that don’t make you feel like yourself. However, there are still all sorts of myths about cosmetic dentistry out there. A cosmetic dentist in Springfield, NJ clears up some of this misinformation so that you can make an informed decision about your smile.


Here are 11 Traits That are Known to Make a Smile Pop!

January 5, 2021

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attractive woman happy with cosmetic dentistry

There’s no denying the mental imprint that a beautiful smile can make. Whether it involves your career, love life or overall impact on the people around you, an award-winning flash of the ivories can carry you a long way. It turns out that there are 11 key traits that really make a smile memorable. As you continue reading, you’ll learn how cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted and experience the bliss of having attractive teeth!


5 Foods That Naturally Keep Your Teeth White

December 7, 2020

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person eating a red apple after teeth whitening in Springfield

A lifelong love of coffee left your pearly whites not looking very pearly or white. You decided to brighten your smile by getting a professional teeth whitening treatment from your dentist. Now, you couldn’t be prouder of your new and improved smile. Of course, you’ll want to keep your smile shining brightly for as long as possible. Here are five suggestions for mouth-friendly foods that will naturally keep your teeth bright after getting teeth whitening in Springfield.


Can Dental Implants Save You Money?

November 5, 2020

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Woman with dental implants

If you’re missing teeth, you certainly aren’t alone. Approximately 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth with around 40 million of them missing all of their teeth. It can be frustrating and even embarrassing when you are trying to eat or speak. When looking for a tooth replacement option, you want to make the wisest choice for your smile. While dental implants are quite the investment, there are many different factors to consider when it comes to the cost. Continue reading to learn if dental implants in Springfield are worth the cost.


How Good Oral Health May Reduce Your Risk for COVID-19

October 27, 2020

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man flossing in front of a mirror

As the number of COVID-19 cases spikes in many areas of the country right as we enter cold and flu season, many people are understandably looking for ways to boost their immune system. Getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly are great ways to do this. However, did you know that taking care of your teeth can also reduce your risk of getting sick? Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. Mouth infections like gum disease weaken your immune system, increasing your risk for serious diseases like COVID-19. Read on as a dentist in Springfield explains how to strengthen your immune system through good oral health.


What Each Step of a Tooth Extraction Feels Like

September 9, 2020

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Tooth extraction tools of a Springfield emergency dentist

While the goal is to keep all your pearly whites healthy and in place for a lifetime, your Springfield emergency dentist may need to remove a tooth if it’s irreparably damaged or poses a threat to the rest of your teeth. It’s normal to feel a little anxious if you need a tooth extraction, but thanks to modern dental technology and techniques, you have nothing to worry about for this treatment. Here’s a step-by-step guide to what will happen during your tooth extraction, as well as what you can expect to feel.


6 Interesting Facts About Your Teeth

August 26, 2020

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Woman in sunglasses smiling

When you think about it, your dining experience or beautiful smile just wouldn’t be the same without your pearly whites. Thanks to your 32 teeth, you can bite into your favorite meal, speak flawlessly, and commemorate a monumental occasion with a picture-perfect grin. However, how much do you really know about your teeth? A dentist in Springfield is sharing six surprising facts you may not know!


National Gum Care Month: Saving Your Smile Means Protecting More Than Your Teeth

September 25, 2019

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Examining gums

When it comes to oral health, it’s easy to worry about your pearly whites, but what about the tissues around them? September is National Gum Care Month; it’s an opportunity for dentists to remind their patients that a healthy smile means more than just keeping your teeth cavity free. Get into the spirit of the month by learning more about what can happen if you don’t take care of your gums.


6 Reasons You Should See a Dentist for a Regular Checkup and Teeth Cleaning

August 2, 2019

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a woman in pain at the dentist office

Oral care might not be at the top of your list when thinking about all the ways you can care for your overall well-being, but it’s certainly one of the most important. The mouth and body are closely connected, and what happens with your body can many times be linked back to problems existing in the mouth, and vice versa. That is why it’s important to maintain a regular dental checkup and teeth cleaning appointment with your dentist. Don’t let your oral health be pushed to the backburner. Instead, check out these 6 reasons you should see a dentist sooner rather than later.

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